Cosmology of Change

A Masterclass with Grounding & Energy Specialist Amelia Vogler

You are living starlight, which means that the same powers that unfold and expand the Universe also expand and energize you. There is a Universal plan. There is a Universal process.  In this in-depth and illuminating 4-part series, Amelia will guide you up the cosmic spiral through the 11 powers of the Universe. These energetic powers hold the secrets of Universal expansion and your personal evolution.

It is no secret that this planet and all who inhabit her have been through a time of enormous and challenging change. In this cosmological system, we are in the fifth power energies: Cataclysm – where Natural disasters, extinction, and evolution present themselves. What came before? An outgrown stability. What comes next? The power of synergy, a new vernacular of tolerance (and boundaries), a power that supports social change.

In this series, Amelia will demystify the process of personal evolution and share the life-changing secrets of the 11 Universal powers to support your personal and professional healing.

Together we will spiral through the zero-point energy field through the powers of expansion, stabilization, decay, and transformation.  In every part of your life: emotional, mental, Spiritual, relational, familial, cultural this spiral is unfolding. Understanding the larger pattern and framework helps to know where you have been, where you are now, and what’s coming.

Why participate?

Each of these powers is a key to your personal and Spiritual growth.

Learn the Universal system and you will always have the context for transformation.

Receive the powers and you will always have the energies needed to bring you through the next hurdle in your life.

What will you discover?

The 11 Powers:  Each of these active powers move you through the sticking points of change. They empower you while also providing a comforting framework.  (See below for the list of Powers.)

The Framework: You will learn the cosmic framework for evolution by Spiraling through historical, cosmological, and cultural discussions of how this Spiral has evolved our history.  The Spiral emerges not only as “facts” but as living path that both guides you and evolves with you.

The Experience: Each night, we will spiral into the intimate teachings of the Universe. Each evening will conclude with a healing meditation—an experience to bring you farther through your own personal processing of least year’s suffering to unfold you into the Spring of your own radiance and higher potential.

The Practice:  Each power also has it’s own Spiritual Practice associated with it.  As you travel through the powers,  you will be guided through Spiritual Practices that support each power. These practices become opportunities for growth and also practices that build Spiritual resiliency.

Information and Pricing

Cosmology of Change

Class Dates: March 22, 29, April 5, 12

Live Class Time: 4:00 – 5:30 PM  Eastern Time

Where: Zoom (web conferencing) & Online Course

Register for $375

Please join Amelia for this Masterclass and start the Spring of 2021 with cosmic perspective and Universal power.
*Recorded and recording placed in your online course.

Masterclass Overview

March 22, 2020 – The First Three Powers of ‘Emergence”

Power 0: Emergence – Dive into the panoriginal field – a field of energy that continually births.

Spiritual Practice:  Becoming that which is becoming

Power 1: Centration – Everything that is, is original.

Spiritual Practice:  What is living integrity?

Power 2: Attraction – Everything is drawn to you as you initiate evolution.

Spiritual Practice: What awakens you?

March 29, 2020 – The Powers of  Creation, Stabilization, and Cataclysm

Power 3: Creation – All that has been, is, and will be is generative.

Spiritual Practice:  Learning to receive

Power 4: Stabilization – The universe secures that which it creates.

Spiritual Practice:   Grounding.

Power 5:  Cataclysm – Upheaval is inevitable.

Spiritual Practice:  Living Faith

April 5: The Powers of Synergy, Transmutation, and Symbolization

Power 6: Synergy – When we work together, we are stronger.

Spiritual Practice: Life as moving meditation

Power 7: Transmutation – Change at the level of nature and condition.

Spiritual Practice:   Knowing thy Self

Power 8: Symbolism – That which is known also has an abstraction.

Spiritual Practice:  Living truth with action

April 12: Absorption, Radiance, and The Ceremonial (Re)Emergence

Power 9: Absorption – There is a saturation of what is new and known into what has been and is no more.

Spiritual Practice: Tending to the Inner Temple (Healing)

Power 10: Radiance – The Great Way. The Great Radiation. The Celebration.

Spiritual Practice: Radiance radiating…

The series concludes with a ceremony of  the (re)emergence of the Power 0 – Panorigination.  Following the Spiral forward, to begin again, from a new plane of Spiritual development.

  • The Healing Space

    “Amelia rocks. She’s funny. She’s great at what she teaches. And, she’s sensitive in the way that everyone in the class gets something personal from her. She just knew exactly what I was needing during the workshops. She also can articulate difficult and complicated subjects with grace. She’s also so light-hearted and makes you feel so at home with the material, even though it is at times complicated and deeply personal. I feel like I know myself better, and that there are deep parts of me that are better understood (but without judgment, only beautiful curiosity).”