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Seasonal Offering


Intentions for the Season

Step into the transformative promises of the new year. In these ceremonies, release the burdens of the past year and plant the seeds of your most cherished dreams in the fertile soil of these changing times.

With the gentle guidance of your own personal spirit guides, immerse yourself in a profound ceremonial journey and forage a deeper connection with your inner self.

These intimate ceremonies, conducted at your own pace and at your own time, guide you step by step to let go of that which has been heavy on your body-mind and then to create the intentions for an uplifting and expansive new year.

This thoughtfully crafted offering includes:

  • A meditation session to meet your Three Guardian Spirits, providing spiritual insights and guidance.
  • Comprehensive instructions on creating a specific altar tailored for these transformative ceremonies.
  • Guided Letting Go Meditation to release the weight of the past, freeing your spirit for new beginnings.
  • Heartfelt Letting Go Ceremony, allowing you to bid farewell to what no longer serves you.
  • Inspiring Creating Anew Meditation, guiding you to visualize and manifest your dreams for the future.
  • Empowering Creating Anew Ceremony, a ritual to plant the seeds of your aspirations and nurture their growth.

As a bonus, you'll receive downloadable ceremony templates, detailed altar instructions, and the three transformative meditations. Embrace the opportunity to embark on this profound personal journey, honoring your past and stepping into the radiant possibilities of the New Year. Your transformation begins at home, in your own time, with the support of your guides and helpers and carries you into the infinite possibilities waiting to nurture and expand you.





Explore your deeper roots, calmer mind, and brighter Spirit in this short course with Grounding and Energy Medicine Specialist, Amelia Vogler.




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Ripples of Impact

The Vogler Institute is committed to the betterment of this world through offering transformative content that deepens self-awareness and offers a path for Spiritual development. With every course you purchase a tree is planted through our partnership with One Tree Planted to help support Mother Earth, a royalty is paid to our sustaining musicians, and a tithing is offered to our community fund. This fund is used to support our under-represented communities so that they may have access to Spiritual development coursework and also used for donations for humanitarian aid around the world.


Thank you for being a part of the positive transformation in this healing world.