The Great Practice of Grounding

Great Practice of Grounding

(A Freely Offered Short Course to Help you Ground your Body, Mind, and Spirit)

Thank you so much for visiting my website and being curious about the practice of grounding. I believe it is the foundational practice of life and helps us to bring ourselves home to the bigness and brightness and aliveness of who we are.

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Grounding and Energy Medicine Specialist
Founder of Vogler Institute 

Welcome to "The Great Practice of Grounding," a transformative and in-depth course expertly crafted by Amelia Vogler, renowned Grounding and Energy Medicine specialist.

This program is more than a learning experience; it's a journey into the depths of your being, bridging the gap between the physical and the spiritual and offering you tools to achieve a balanced, harmonious life.

Introduction: A Sacred Path to Harmony and Balance

In our modern world, with its relentless pace and constant demands, finding peace can feel like an unattainable dream. Amelia’s course is a beacon of hope in this chaos, guiding you on a sacred journey towards grounding—a state where the flow of life, balance, and divine connection are not just concepts but a tangible reality you can experience and live daily.

The Vital Importance of Grounding:

Grounding is not merely a practice; it's a necessity for maintaining your well-being in a tumultuous world. Through Amelia's expert guidance, you will learn to weave grounding into the very fabric of your daily life. This course is designed to transform your understanding and approach to well-being, teaching you to build resilience and connect deeply with your soul's purpose.

Course Modules: In-Depth Exploration:

  1. Understanding the Ungrounded State: Recognize the symptoms of an ungrounded existence - scattered thoughts, fragmented narratives, and a feeling of being adrift. Amelia provides insightful solutions to cut through this disarray, helping you regain a sense of stability and inspiration.
  2. Grounding as a Therapeutic Tool: Explore the profound health benefits of grounding, such as reducing inflammation and alleviating stress. Learn how to employ the power of intention in your grounding practice, making it a viable solution even amidst life's busiest moments.
  3. Physical Grounding Mastery: Unlock the secrets of your body's electromagnetic system and its critical role in overall health. Engage in powerful guided visualizations, creating a deep connection with Mother Earth, enhancing vitality, and rooting you in her supportive embrace.
  4. Emotional Grounding Journey: Navigate the complex world of emotions with Amelia's expert guidance. Through the 'lotus petal' technique, you'll learn to ground your emotions, achieve clarity and calmness, and create a space where your emotional energy can flow harmoniously.
  5. Mental Grounding Techniques: Address the constant stream of thoughts and learn to quieten your mind. Discover the transformative power of Box Breathing to soothe anxiety, clear mental fog, and foster sharp, decisive thinking.
  6. Spiritual Grounding Exploration: Embark on a profound journey into spiritual grounding. Engage in practices that blend the tangible reality of everyday life with the subtle, energetic realms, enriching your spiritual awareness and connection.
  7. Soul Grounding and Healing: The final module introduces aspects of soul healing and invites you into the deeper work.

Embark on Your Transformative Journey:

This course is an invitation to a life-enhancing experience. It's an opportunity to rediscover your inner balance, establish solid and resilient boundaries, and reawaken a connection with tranquility and peace. Amelia Vogler extends this invitation to you to integrate these grounding practices into your life's journey, connecting you to the Divine within and around you.

Now is the time to step into your soul's sanctuary, embrace grounding as a way of life, and experience the profound transformation that awaits. Join "The Great Practice of Grounding" and begin your journey towards a balanced, harmonious, and spiritually enriched life.


Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Empowerment:

"The Great Practice of Grounding," led by Amelia Vogler, isn't just a course; it's a doorway to self-discovery and empowerment. Every module imparts knowledge and facilitates profound personal growth and understanding. As you move through the course, you'll find yourself developing not only grounding techniques but also gaining insights into your inner workings and the universe's interconnectedness.

Deepening Your Grounding Experience:

  1. Advanced Grounding Techniques: Go beyond the basics. Amelia introduces advanced grounding techniques that cater to individuals who have started their grounding journey and are ready to deepen their practice. This includes specialized exercises to align your energy centers and techniques to enhance your connection to Earth's energies.
  2. Integration into Daily Life: Learn how to integrate grounding practices into your everyday routine seamlessly. Whether at work, home or in transit, Amelia provides practical tips on maintaining your grounding, ensuring that you remain centered and balanced regardless of your environment.
  3. Customizing Your Grounding Practice: Everyone's journey is unique. This course respects individuality by offering ways to tailor grounding practices to your specific needs and lifestyle. Amelia guides you through personalizing your grounding routine, ensuring it resonates deeply with your journey.

Creating a Community of Grounding Practitioners:

One of the most powerful aspects of this course is the community it builds. Engage with fellow learners who are also on their grounding journeys. Share experiences, insights, and support in a nurturing and understanding environment. This community aspect enriches the learning experience, making it more profound and impactful.

Ongoing Support and Resources:

Amelia Vogler's commitment to your grounding journey doesn't end with completing the course. You'll have access to ongoing support and resources, including follow-up webinars, Q&A sessions, and an online community for continued learning and connection. This ensures that your grounding practice continues to evolve and strengthen long after the course concludes.

Final Reflections and Continued Growth:

As the course nears its end, you'll engage in reflective exercises, reflecting on your journey and planning for continued growth. Amelia encourages you to set personal goals and provides strategies to maintain momentum in your grounding practice. This final phase is about recognizing your transformation and preparing for a future where grounding is a fundamental part of your life.

Invitation to Transformation:

"The Great Practice of Grounding" with Amelia Vogler is more than just a learning experience; it's an invitation to transform your life. It's a call to step into a world where balance, peace, and connection are ideals and realities you live and breathe daily. Join us on this incredible journey of grounding and discovering a new way of being deeply connected to yourself and the world around you.

The Healing Space
Kevin - Cape Elizabeth, Maine

“Amelia is the real deal and this is not about posturing herself. She lives to help and serve. She has a supportive, knowing approach. The manner of her explaining is complete and not at all wordy. These methods all resonated with me and I felt immediately more relaxed and was able to quieten my overly busy mind. Thank you, Amelia and her wonderful team. ”

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

The Healing Space
Karen - Calgary, Canada

“This is a great introduction to the many ways we can ground ourselves. A more grounded and more complete way to learn about the different kinds of grounding. ”

Calgary, Canada

The Healing Space
Susan - St. Paul, MO

“This is a great way to start balancing all aspects of your energy, easy practices to understand. ”

St. Paul, MO

The Healing Space
Marina - Alicante, Spain

“Thinking of taking this course? Go for it, it's very useful, practical and inspiring. ”

Alicante, Spain


About Amelia Vogler: A Luminary in Grounding and Energy Medicine

Amelia Vogler stands at the forefront of Grounding and Energy Medicine. She is celebrated as an internationally esteemed educator, a spiritual coach, and a meditation guide. Her journey of over 16 years is marked by the depth of her knowledge and the breadth of her impact, touching the lives of more than 7,000 individuals across the globe.

A Journey of Healing and Empowerment

Amelia's expertise is a beacon for those seeking to rediscover their sense of wholeness. She specializes in helping individuals reclaim the parts of themselves that have been obscured or lost amidst life's tumult. Her holistic approach addresses the intricate tapestry of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Teaching: A Fusion of Depth and Wisdom

As an energy medicine educator, Amelia's teachings are a confluence of ancient wisdom and contemporary techniques. Her classes are more than lessons; they are transformative experiences that embed essential energetic practices crafted meticulously to uplift humanity.

Meditation: A Guided Journey to the Self

In her role as a meditation guide, Amelia leads her students on profound inner journeys. Her guided meditations are infused with an understanding of energy dynamics designed to bring balance, peace, and deep insights to practitioners.

Private Practice: A Global Impact

Amelia's private practice is a testament to her versatility and effectiveness as a healer. Her reach is truly global, with clients spanning continents - from Asia to Europe, Australia to New Zealand, South America to North America. She offers a sanctuary for those seeking to re-pattern limiting beliefs, employing grounding practices, intuitive insight, and cutting-edge energy medicine techniques.

A Career Dedicated to Transformation

With a career spanning over a decade and a half, Amelia Vogler has emerged as a transformative figure in energy medicine. Her contributions are measured in time, as is the depth of change she has facilitated in the lives of thousands.

Connect with Amelia Vogler

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Embark on a profound healing journey with Amelia Vogler and explore the transformative power of grounding and energy medicine. Whether you are seeking personal healing, spiritual growth, or professional development, Amelia's expertise is a guiding light toward a more integrated, balanced, and enlightened existence.