The Healing Space
Anya Charles - Editor-in-Chief Energy Magazine

“Amelia's bi-monthly column brings a unique, modern, and deep perspective on grounding. I'm amazed by the depth of her knowledge and the grace of her pen; I often find myself feeling the energy move as I follow along the practices that she offers.. She is a true teacher of these new times; a wonderful new and refreshing voice in the field of Energy Medicine!”

Editor-in-Chief Energy Magazine

The Healing Space
Cynthia – DNSc, RN, HTCP/I - Former Educational Program Director, Healing Touch Program, Boulder, CO.

“Students and clients will find Amelia to emanate kindness, knowledge, professionalism and warmth of heart. Amelia holds high standards of ethics and service for herself as a practitioner and instructor. She empowers those around her to be introspective, to build self-confidence and to find their strengths and visions. Her sense of humor and humility along with her professionalism create a sense of sacred space for healing and personal growth.”

Former Educational Program Director, Healing Touch Program, Boulder, CO.

The Healing Space
John Walcott - Teacher of Martial Arts, Medical Qigong, and Qigong Healing

“There is no better teacher than Amelia, whether you are a seasoned practitioner or brand new to this path, she will inspire you and help you create the foundation that you need to soar in this work. She’s one of the great teachers in my life and I greatly recommend her.”

Teacher of Martial Arts, Medical Qigong, and Qigong Healing

The Healing Space
Judith Brooks - Author of “Deeper in the Garden”, Herbalist, and Acupuncturist

“For 10 years, Amelia and I have traveled together as colleagues in the field. When I first took her classes, I was astounded by the depth of her teachings and the ease and beauty of her delivery. Her teachings on energy medicine and grounding have been of great personal benefit to myself and my clients in my own healing practice. Amelia is a warm and compassionate healer and an incredibly gifted teacher; she deeply embodies what she teaches, which brings grounding and integrity to what she shares.”

Author of “Deeper in the Garden”, Herbalist, and Acupuncturist

The Healing Space
 Rebecca Newton - Musician, Producer

“Amelia Vogler’s “ Cosmology of Change” class was an extraordinary experience. She is obviously well-versed in the material and her teaching has a great flow. There is time to interact throughout and at the end of each session. Amelia incorporates her scientific knowledge seamlessly into each class and has FABULOUS guided meditations at the ends. I learned so much in such a short amount of time – not just theoretical knowledge, but applicable knowledge – the best kind! Well done Amelia! Thank you.”

Musician, Producer

The Healing Space
Barb, A.  TN

“Everything that you said made so much sense. It just brought my life’s themes together that were previously scattered little bits and pieces. Through our conversation, you brought it all together into the same container. I really think that you are like an angel that has been sent to me.”

The Healing Space
Patricia - La Mesa, CA

“Every course I’ve taken with Amelia gets better and better. I highly recommend The Foundations of the Hara course. In this course Amelia teaches about the energy of the hara, how to connect, feel and expand each node. She teaches various hara hygiene practices and provides meditations to help with anchoring your hara. I’m always amazed at how much wisdom and knowledge she has to share. Every lesson, whether spoken or written, is detailed, yet clear and easy to follow. She is prolific in what she writes and her meditations are beautiful. She stays engaged throughout the entire course with emails, responds to questions and engages with everyone on the call. Amelia is extremely generous with her knowledge, wisdom and time. Honestly, I would recommend any one of Amelia’s courses. ”

La Mesa, CA

The Healing Space
Will Ridenour - Musician

“Over several years of collaboration, I have seen firsthand Amelia’s remarkable abilities manifest a healing experience. In seminars, classes, or on recordings, her voice and Spirit radiate “something” special; her gentle presence harmonizes any space. She creates and holds sacred containers with reverence, freshness, and truth and I would encourage you to seek time with her.”


The Healing Space
Shannon S. - Sedona, AZ

“Amelia has the ability to walk between worlds and hear the whisper of nature’s subtle language. With these gifts she bestows great knowledge in the realm of harmonic resonance, elemental endowments, and mind-body-nature connection. Her ability to ground, center, and enlighten her clients is unmatched. Yet one of her best attributes is how she facilitates events and training exercises. Bringing people together comes naturally to her as everyone has the freedom to harness their own sacred powers which puts the collective group at ease.”

Sedona, AZ

The Healing Space
Kathleen W. - SAS Institute • Cary, NC

“I recently took a corporate wellness class with Amelia and it was amazing. I love her as an instructor. During our time together, I learned techniques to help me calm myself down during times of stress and also some really interesting ways to work with intention to help me be more present with myself. What she taught me has been so amazing in my day-to-day life! As a teacher, she is so relaxed and “put together” the entire class. I gained so much insight and knowledge and I absolutely think you should take a course with her! You’ll absolutely love her. She’s darling (and so knowledgeable!).”

SAS Institute • Cary, NC

The Healing Space
Patricia A., HTCP

“Amelia, thanks for sharing your knowledge in the Cosmology of Change course. You know so much about so much. Your ability to assimilate complex information into simplistic and digestible form is a work of art in motion. You are a natural teacher!”

The Healing Space
Anonymous Student - Journey of the Mystic

“Amelia radiates. Yes, she radiates. That is how bright her light is. This journey with Amelia was magical for me, and I am beyond grateful for her loving guidance and teachings. Her knowledge is vast, her words are understandable and melodic, and her honesty and compassion are palpable. Her gift of holding sacred space for us all, even with a recording, is powerful. I felt so loved and nurtured on this journey. My gratitude abounds for Amelia and this life-changing journey.”

Journey of the Mystic

The Healing Space
Anya M. - SAS Institute • Cary, NC

“Amelia rocks. She’s funny. She’s great at what she teaches. And she’s sensitive in the way that everyone in the class gets something personal from her. She just knew exactly what I was needing during the workshops. She also can articulate difficult and complicated subjects with grace. She’s also so light-hearted and makes you feel so at home with the material, even though it is at times complicated and deeply personal. I feel like I know myself better, and that there are deep parts of me that are better understood (but without judgment, only beautiful curiosity).”

SAS Institute • Cary, NC