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Reading your Akashic and Shadow Records

At the core of our Akashic inquiry lies the exploration of relationships, experiences, contracts, and wisdom, intertwining with the examination of yearnings, voids, unrealized moments, and the intricate interplay of what could have been and what should have been. Each facet serves to broaden your perspective and enrich the narrative of your Spirit.

This course has three main components.

Part 1:  Self-paced Recorded Lesson

Upon enrollment, these lessons open immediately:

  • An introduction to the Akashic records, which include your Book of Life and your Shadow Records
  • The reasons or possibilities for accessing these records; these are healing and cultivating soul wisdoms!
  • How to access these records.
  • How to source information from these.
  • Questions to ask when coming to this library to refine and focus your inquiry.
  • Experience a guided process to help you access these records.
  • Explore what gets in the way of working with this library.

Part 2:  Resource Lessons

Professional Hara Grounding Meditation (Audio)

The most important tool that you have in accessing these records is your ability to hold your quantum hara frequency.  This meditation supports your command over this.

Recorded 60 Minute Group Akashic Healing with Q&A (Video)

For personal healing receive a previously recorded, hour-long live guided healing to invite you into your records for healing information. 

Part 3:  Live Q&A with Amelia (April 10, 2024)


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