About the Kit

Everything is Energy

Science tells us that everything is energy. Everything that we consume or interact with our senses affects our energy system. This includes the food we eat, the beverages we drink, the landscapes we take in with our eyes, the sounds that are around us, and even the news or information that we “take in.” I believe when you eat a ripe, fresh apple versus a slightly older one, you can feel the difference. You are picking up on the apple’s energy and how vital energy of the apple is being consumed and harmonized in your own energy system. I bet you have been in environments that are so beautiful that you automatically feel the beauty’s effects. (I remember that feeling well when I was hiking in Switzerland. The landscape alone increased my frequency.).

The Power of Intention

Interestingly, the power of intention (or focused thought) has been scientifically proven to change the frequency of energy. Studies have been done to show that speaking to water changes the energy properties of the water. Positive messages change the water molecules to be a higher frequency. (Don’t forget, we are 2/3rds water!) Studies have also shown that after eating chocolate that has been prayed to by Monks can enhance mood. (Oh, and the study was repeated with regular people – just like you and me! So it isn’t necessary to be a Monk to use the power of your mind to create change!). What these (and many others) studies show us is that energy follows thought.
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So what does this have to do with receiving the vaccine?

By harnessing the power of your mind, or your thoughts, coupled with some simple energetic tools, you have a tremendous potential to positively impact your vaccination and integrate the new immune system wisdom in your already wise body.

Please know that I am not advocating that you or anyone else takes or doesn’t take a vaccine. I deeply honor and respect your choices. I’m offering this material so that you have more tools to be empowered as you harmonize and integrate this new energy into your body. After all, as I shared, everything is energy.

Creating vaccine, body, and energy body harmony

The following energetic protocols are designed to support and enhance the harmony of new vaccine energy in your body.

Energetic Protocols for Vaccine Integration
Technique 1:  Grounding the Energy Body  (video & audio download)
Technique 2:  Energizing the Energy Pathways (video & audio download)
Technique 3:  Working with the Vaccine Prior to Administration (video & audio download)
Technique 4:  Clearing, Opening, and Balancing the Energy Body to Harmonize with the Vaccine (video & audio download)
Technique 5:  Soothing the Injection Site (video & audio download)
Technique 6:  Clearing and Supporting the Liver (video & audio download)