Foundations of Energy Medicine


The intention of the course is to introduce you to energy medicine as a concept and a practice. This course content is most appropriate for an individual who wishes to understand Energy Medicine as a concept and better understand the human energy system. It is not a practitioner training course.

While the energetic anatomy may be familiar to the seasoned practitioner, the content provides a modern and advanced perspective.

This course will explore foundational information about your energy dimension and serves three purposes:
1. To provide an accurate, technical introduction of energy medicine as a field.
2. To provide a functional introduction to your energy system.
3. To provide you with a few simple, introductory techniques for working with your own energy system.

Techniques Included:
“Activate the Hands”
“Still Hands”
“Sweeping Hands”
“Light Fingers”

Protocols Included:
Balancing the 7 In-body chakras
Grounded Hara Stance
Grounding the Hara

Content Outline:
Energy Medicine Background: Scientific and Theoretical
Introduction to the Human Energy System Anatomy
Embodiment: From Star to Body
About the Core Star Dimension
About the Hara Dimension
About the Energy Centers (Chakras 1-12)
About the Auric Fields
About the Energy Channels and Pathways
Grounding (& Grounding Meditation)
The Two Types of Intention
About Energy Hygiene
Energy Techniques
Energy Protocols