Foundations of the Hara

Watch the Introductory Hara Webinar Recording

On July 10 at 2:00 pm-3:30 pm ET Grounding and Energy Medicine Specialist, Amelia Vogler, shared an experiential and educational immersion on the vast healing potential of your soul accessed through the energy of your hara.

In this talk, you discovered...

  • An introduction to the theoretical and classical background of the Hara dimension
  • Why I call this the system of “being and becoming”
  • The benefits of being grounded in your Hara
  • Your energetic origin story
  • A meridian point to support bringing your Hara energy into your everyday life
  • The primary three Hara points (or nodes)
  • A little about the upcoming Hara course

At the end of the talk, are guided through a Hara anchoring exercise to balance your essential connection to your soul’s architecture and your Spiritual purpose.

Foundations of the Hara

Orientation Week: TBD
Live classes meet for 2 hours:  1pm – 3pm
Recording is always provided

The hara is the energy dimension that carries the wisdom of your soul between and through lifetimes. Accessing this dimension opens the wisdoms of your Spiritual inheritance and illuminates the potentials for your Spiritual evolution spiraling forth through this experience we call ‘life on Earth.’

The most important skill that you need to know when working with the hara (for self or with others) is how to hold this energy in your own being. The goal of this course is to do that that, to support you in being able to hold, access, and understand your own haric dimension.

As an individual, being grounded in your Hara supports ease in manifesting, strengthens your vitality, reduces anxiety, and returns you to your center. In addition, being anchored in this system strengthens your connection to the Universal wisdom and increases your connection to the Greater Spirit and your personal Spirit.

As a practitioner, being grounded in your Hara makes you a better listener because you are entirely in yourself and your boundaries. In addition, this grounding increases the vibration of your field. When in a blended therapeutic energy field, you can hold a frequency that helps another individual access their grounding and inner wisdom with greater ease and allows for the unparalleled potential for healing and transformation.

  • The Healing Space

    “This extraordinarily gifted healer and teacher has taken energy healing to a powerful new level through her deep understanding of life’s essential interconnectedness. She creates an energetic alchemy between healer and healee by tapping into the energetic space between them, always reflecting back the possibility of absolute healing. Her many contributions to the healing canon include a highly original energetic protocol that quickly and permanently heals childhood attachment wounds, through which she has healed thousands. When it comes to healing with full-hearted love, compassion and positivity, Amelia Vogler is, quite simply, the rare – and real – article.”

    internationally bestselling author of The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Power of Eight.

About the Course

In this course series, you will be lead on a journey of remembering who you are and learning how to stay connected to your essence through new perspective, energetic techniques and practices.

We’ll journey together from star to body and explore techniques for homecoming that span the entire energy system: the merdians, nadis, chakras, core star and, of course, the hara.

Regardless of whether you are newer to energy or an experienced practitioner, you will leave the class understanding:

  • the architecture of your system of wholeness (your hara) – including what the nodes look like and the flow
  • the birth and re-birth process of your soul and how the hara functions in this process
  • the common patterns that keep your hara from flowing optimally
  • how trauma expresses throughout the energy system and why the hara is the place to work with it
  • how to apply self-healing techniques to keep your essential energies flowing through your hara and supporting your soul’s embodied evolution
  • an introduction to attachment styles wounds and how these appear energetically
  • the main acupressure points to awaken the flow of the hara through the body’s meridian channels
  • how to express your core star energy and infuse your life with essential creative energies
  • an introduction to the different energies of your central channel, your three dantains*, your chakras, and your Sushumna, Ida and Pingala nadis
  • how to work with personalized sacred geometry to balance your hara flow
  • a wonderful anchoring technique to ground the hara and stay connected to this system

*Dantian is alternatively spelled dan t’ian, dan tien,  tan t’ien  or tan tien.

  • The Healing Space

    “Amelia’s heart and skill for healing is boundless. Her knowledge base about energy healing is vast–and even more powerful–is the accuracy and compassion she brings to every session, class, and endeavor. I’ve not met anyone with her precision of truth and energy medicine expertise. It’s been my good fortune to share time with her and be on the receiving end of her blessed gifts.”

    author of 27 bestselling energy medicine books, including The Subtle Body series.

About the Training

You are invited to participate in this foundational 5 Week Training with Energy Specialist Amelia Vogler, which explores the system of soul – an energy dimension known as the Hara.

You will journey between formal classes, interactive breakouts, meditations, self-healing techniques (for self or to share with others), and experiential teachings to support you to truly embody this system of soul embodiment.

New this year, we have added time to each class for personal healing. Amelia will guide a hara-based healing at the end of the class to both support the integration of the material from the day's class and also offer healing directly to your soul through this amazing system of the hara.

Why participate?

The hara energy dimension holds the keys to our spiritual grounding and our soul’s freedom from trauma* – in this lifetime and past ones.  When you understand the architecture of your Spirit, Soul and embodiment, you begin to see your life through the larger patterns that keep you from feeling grounded and most alive.

This course illuminates your core spiritual architecture and gives you practical techniques so that you can ground, awaken, and amplify your Spiritual gifts.

In hara grounding, you will…

  • have an endless stream of inspiration and creativity
  • connect to the powers that support manifesting
  • have fulfilling relationships full of authenticity and depth without fear
  • remain deeply connected to your capacity for self-healing
  • access to your truth and your ability to speak it
  • put your own story to the side to hear others
  • fall in love more deeply with others (or deeper in love with yourself)
  • access your virtues or the energies of Spiritual Truths
  • connect to an unlimited store of personal power and resilience
  • restore a deep connection to the Divine and open to the mystery unfolding around (and within you)
  • sharpen your many intuitive powers

*Trauma, in our class definition, could be small moments of not being seen, heard, and acknowledged in life or more extreme forms of neglect or abuse.  In this class, we’ll talk about trauma generally and learn how it presents in the energy system through our limiting beliefs – or, beliefs that limit our awareness of our purest and most amazing potential.

What will you discover?

Architecture of the Universe and your Self: Discover the trinity of all manifested things and explore evolutionary universal principles that produce the experiences needed for growth, healing, and evolution.

Attachment Energetics:  Every relationship you have whether it be with yourself, Spirit, or another individual plays out through the interactions of attachment styles.  Learn about these primary relationship styles from an energetic perspective so that you can identify them in your own life and evaluate whether they are serving you.

Origin Story: Learn the story of how you were born from the stars to your body and experience the human energy system come alive. Finally, you will discover the connection between the Earth, your ancestors, your body, your meridians, nadis, dantians, hara, core star, and the Universal consciousness.

Chakras 8-12: Review the out of body chakras and how your Core Light and Hara empower these.

Hara: Go deeper with and explore the primary energy system that acts as the bridge between your body (and its connection to the Earth) and your Soul.

Healing Practices:  You’ll explore healing techniques across the entire energy system to support you channeling your essence and essential soul energy through your body.  These include:

  • Alternate Nostril Breathing – A self-care practice that tones and balances the nervous system through the nadis.
  • Core Star Embodiment –  A practice that expands the original impulse of your Spirit through your energy system to support your creativity (which is your original birthright of beingness).
  • Anchoring the Hara – A practice to support you re-anchoring your soul here on Earth and in your body.
  • Soul Codes Healing Technique – A healing technique using the soul codes of the hara. This will be taught for self-healing and healing for others.
  • Inner Chakra Wheel Hara Connection – A connection method using the inner wheels of the chakras.
  • You will learn to activate three important meridian points through acupressure points to open the hara flow – these are the Lao Gong, Bubbling Wellspring, and 100 Convergences points.
  • Strengthening the lower dantian.

Healing Techniques: You’ll learn how to balance and expand the nodes of your Hara for self-care and to support friends, clients, or family. This technique is especially supportive for new babies!

Meditations:  This class has professionally recorded meditations to support your strengthening your connection to your hara, to your essence, and to your embodied wholeness.

  • The Hara Anchoring Meditation  – To anchor your Hara energy to the Earth for empowerment.
  • The Star Within – To expand your authentic creative expression through your energy system.
  • The Universal Creation Meditation – To connect you with the Universal field and support your anchoring to your first and forever home.

Experience: This is a journey-style class, which means that between the live classes you are presented with readings, meditations and offerings to deepen your embodied and lived awareness of your own hara.  This course is enriched with the following experiences:

  • QiGong practice with (the amazing) John Walcott, QiGong Instructor and Healer in Ft. Pierce, FL, recorded for this course to support the well of your lower dantian (the well of your vital energy).
  • “The Hara” electronic dance music composed and created (the amazing) Treee City, which was created as a sonic teaching tool for trauma in the energy system.
  • The Healing Space

    “I was immediately struck not only by Amelia’s depth of knowledge but of her ability to translate what would be complex Spiritual practices and make them easy to absorb and practical in their application. She’s one of the handful of instructors that I have met that has that ability to teach this way. Amelia has a natural gift of making you feel completely at ease and confident in this field of study. As teacher of this work, she is almost too humble; you would never know the massive Spirit and depth of Spiritual knowledge that she has. In your conversation with her it is revealed every single time.

    Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or brand new to this path, if you are thinking of studying energy medicine or energy theory, there is no better teacher that Amelia. She will help you create the foundation that you need to soar in this work and if you are new, she will inspire you deeply.

    I’m grateful to have met Amelia and she’s one of the great teachers in my life and I greatly recommend her.”

    Teacher of QiGong, QiGong Healing since 1976

Prerequisite Requirements

Prerequisites include any of these: Healing Touch Level 1, Reiki 1, Cyndi Dale Apprenticeship, a current practice of energy medicine, or my Foundations of Energy Medicine course.

The Hara dimension is the most foundational system of your human energy system. For you to receive the most out of this class, it is important that you have a working understanding of the chakra system and the channels of energy that run through the body known as the meridians and the nadis.

If you feel as though a refresher would be appropriate for you, I am offering my Foundations of Energy Medicine course at $79.00 (regularly $225).

Have questions? Write to us at


Trauma is experienced in the body, but held in the hara. It expresses through limiting beliefs and enacted adaptions. Healing from these traumas happens in the hara when these adaptions are no longer needed and you are able to live from the full potential of a connected life with earth, with another, with self, and with Spirit.


Please join Amelia for this foundational training program and enter into a relationship with energetic dimension of your wholeness, the hara.

*Recorded and recording placed in your online course*

A Certificate is provided for 20 Continuing Education Hours for this course.

(These are not official CEUs but can be used for many programs such as Healing Touch Program for continuing education.)