Discover your primordial connection to oneness — go beyond the chakras, the meridians, and the fields to the template of your authentic nature — to source deep grounding, Spiritual resilience, radiant health, and your purpose-driven voice.

My connection with the hara began in the sacred spaces of my father's funeral home in Winston-Salem, NC, a lineage stretching back 250 years through generations of fathers. Since those early days, my exploration has evolved into a lifelong pursuit of understanding the journey of light—from its origins before our embodiment, through our being, and into the great beyond.

For over a decade, I have dedicated myself to delving into the healing potential of this divine light. Guided by various teachers and perspectives, my journey has now reached an extraordinary moment of revelation and discovery. Much like a passionate researcher stumbling upon an exciting revelation, I am excited to share my findings with you!

Allow me to introduce you to the hara—a dimension of your energy architecture that holds the profound secrets to remembering our original connectedness. Here we find the keys to unlocking our inherent ability to give and receive love—with the Divine, the Earth, our spirit allies and with every soul that walks this earthly journey.

The hara unveils the template of your Authentic self, containing the keys to your authenticity, uniqueness, deepest values, purpose, passions, longings, and gifts in this lifetime. Through the hara, we transcend the roles, experiences, and beliefs that shape us, returning to the original connection between our soul, the Earth, and the Divine.

In the sacred realm of the hara, you can:

  • Define Authentic boundaries
  • Heal with soul codes and quantum waves
  • Connect with "the Word" and your word, embracing primordial sound
  • Access your akashic and shadow records
  • Restore core connection templates with the Divine, nature, and your body
  • Meet your guidance, including animal guides, angelic and spirit guides, plant allies, elementals, and interdimensional allies
  • Discover and ground your spiritual gifts
  • Dissolve cords, contracts, and bindings
  • Clarify inheritances and ancestral relationships
  • Support detoxing anything that isn't of your Authentic self
  • Redefine your contract with being worthy of love and all good things
  • Remember safety in your body, and much more

I warmly extend an invitation to you for a special talk on the Hara, where we will explore and celebrate this sacred dimension together. This offering is a gesture of support, aimed at helping you rekindle a profound relationship with your Authentic healing potential.

Have you ever been frustrated when you receive chakra work and the healing doesn't stick?

The chakras are like a flip book; they respond to our inner and outer environments with such dynamic sensitivity that it is often hard to get a clear read on what the real issues are.  One moment, we see a puppy and our energy opens and expands.  Another moment, we respond to a discouraging text message and parts of our chakra system closes accordingly.  The flipping open and closed nature of the chakra system makes lasting changes really challenging.


To heal the root of the issues, go to the hara. 

In the hara dimension, you have access to the template of resilience, Spiritual gifts, and personal grounding.  It is here where we go to find the well of our grounded nature and open to those dimensions of self that sustain regardless of what is happening in your present environment



Join Amelia in this two and a half hour introduction live (or by recording) and learn about the story of your soul, the architecture of your intuition, your gifts, and the keys to lasting, permanent healing.  


In this talk, you will...

Remember the felt-sense and knowing of oneness.

Reunite with a relationship to God, Greater Spirit, the Divine.

Source the quantum healing energies of the virtues. 

Connect to our original templates of connection. 

Be guided in a Hara Grounding Meditation to access and amplify your own radiant template.

Have your questions answered


When we heal the radiant template, we create new patterns.  Issues have no reference and we can achieve our highest potentials in physical health, emotional balance, nurturing relationships, energetic health, and Spiritual connection.

Introduction to the Hara Details

Wednesday May 15, 2024

1pm – 3:30pm Eastern Time

Zoom or by Recording

2.5 Hour Certificate Offered


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About Amelia Vogler

Amelia Vogler is a Grounding and Energy Medicine Specialist, internationally respected teacher of energy medicine, life coach, and meditation guide. Her goal is to help individuals who don't feel whole reclaim the parts of themselves that have felt lost. In addition to her teaching and meditation work, she has an international private practice.

In her 17-year career, she has helped over 7,000 individuals re-pattern or transform self-limiting negative beliefs through grounding practices, intuitive insight, and advanced energy medicine. Her practice expands around the globe, serving clients in Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Canada, and the United States.

Find Amelia at and her classes at


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