The Journey Groups

Practical and small experiential group* journeys for those seeking group support to help awaken and strengthen the Spirit within.

5 Week Journey - Healing through Presence

A journey group focusing on exploring the healing of the soul and expanding insight or inner sight.

November 7 - December 5 2023

Tuesday Afternoons:

2 pm – 4 pm (Eastern Time)

*VERY LIMITED SMALL GROUPS – No more than 12 thoughtfully and intentionally selected individuals per group.


What do Amelia’s student’s say…

  • The Healing Space

    “Such a powerful experience! I gained so much clarity about my situation. The small group format made it possible for us to get to know each other and the insights from my fellow participants were invaluable. Amelia is incredibly gifted. I can’t recommend this experience enough."”

  • The Healing Space

    “Amelia, to just be in your presence has transformed me. There is something about the quality of your voice and the space that you hold that I can feel myself healing when I am with you.”

    Foundations of the Hara

  • The Healing Space

    “Amelia’s heart and skill for healing is boundless. Her knowledge base about energy healing is vast–and even more powerful–is the accuracy and compassion she brings to every session, class, and endeavor. I’ve not met anyone with her precision of truth and energy medicine expertise. It’s been my good fortune to share time with her and be on the receiving end of her blessed gifts.”

    Author of 30 books in Energy Medicine, Including the Subtle Body Series.

Where two or more are gathered, Spirit is there.

This journey group explores the most powerful method for soul healing and expansion of consciousness – the simple (but not always easy) practice of presence. 

For five weeks, you and your small journey group with Amelia, weave an energetic basket filled with gifts to be received, tenderness to be felt, truth to be revealed, and transformation that is unfolded.

This Spiritual journey is part energetic training, part personal healing, and part sharing time and silence and a space in a small loving group (cue laughing, connection, and being seen, heard, and loved on – all while seeing, hearing, and loving others.)

  • The Healing Space

    “This is an experience not a class, and it feels like a living prayer.  It is an opportunity to sit with what’s deep and real inside of you, to let the mystery guide you and speak to you, both in class and throughout the week between classes.  It’s also an opportunity to sit in silence with your soul while supported by others who are enfolding you in their love.  And, Amelia, who has envisioned this experience in such a beautiful way, joins the group as a fellow journeyer but also a deeply experienced soul herself who is able to provide support at just the right moments.”

    Journey Group 1

Who is best served by this program?

The group welcomes with love the Spiritually-hearted and curious individual who endeavors to walk in and through love, stay open to signs from the Universe, and is generally curious about how to grow their energetic footprint and journey in life with deep meaning.

Group Dates/Times:

Journey Group 6 - Tuesday Afternoons: 2 pm – 4 pm (Eastern Time)

Groups meet on Zoom.

What will you receive in this group?

At the highest level, this first journey group is about thriving in the Universe and opening to healing that allows for a deeper life experience.

It is also about opening to the magic, the wonderment, and the awareness of a greater energy moving as aliveness. It is about leaning into the ways that the Universe is speaking to you and through you. When we meet together, we learn from one another. As your journey group bears witness to your life, you learn about love.  As you bear witness to others, you deepen your ability to hold a healing space for others.

Will you learn new healing practices?

Yes! You will learn new ways of living as the Universe – a pure, creative consciousness.. These practices deepen your own healing vehicle and expand the potential for others to have transformative experiences in your presence. This group is both for practitioners of energy medicine and anyone who finds themselves in the company of others.

What do others say?

“This journey has awakened me into a life that is bigger and more magical than I have ever known.”

‘This week, the chronic pain in my body was released and I didn’t have to take my pain medicine.”

“I have never felt comfortable in a small group until I found this space with you.”

“It is so alive here and I have loved meeting the others. I was nervous because I am sensitive and I have felt deeply at home here.”

“In presence, I am finding a kindness that I had forgotten existed.”

“I learned new ways to energetically support myself; I learned that I am self-possessed. My soul journey became clearer and I feel more aligned with who I am meant to be.”

“My intuition was heightened to another level.”

What’s the format for our Journey…

Each journey group will meet for 2 hours. This two-hour block is designed to be a living container with ample time to explore, journey, and talk. We will do our best to honor the time commitment.

Three days prior to class, you will receive video-based teachings and a weekly meditation and writing or meditation prompts from me.

  • This video teaching is thoughtfully curated and heartfully channeled from a question appropriate and relevant to the topics and the healing techniques explored in the prior weekly journey group.
  • The weekly meditation is for your self care, for your expansion, and for your continued support as an anchor for your transformation.  These meditations allow  you to bring the week’s teachings directly into the energy body and guide and ground these teachings into the physical.
  • The writing or meditation prompts are optional but offered should you wish to continue to work with the teachings.

We will begin each session with sharing and weaving the energy of the group together.

The first 90 minutes are for exploring and discussing the weekly topics and practicing the healing technique presented. The last 30 minutes allow for questions or for deeper generative conversation.

The generosity of time also allows for a period of silence and integration.

This is a space of nurture and will not be rushed.

This space is about committing to yourself and stepping into collaboration and healing.

What additional support is available?

In addition to our journey group’s support, you have me, Amelia, in your pocket, journeying with you and alongside you. I’m here for your questions, stories, and thoughts through e-mail throughout the journey. Individuals in the previous journeys have found this to be one of the most important and sustaining elements of the program because it allows you to continue the journey in a very personal way, addressing exactly where you are, what’s coming up, and receiving intuitive, practice, and experienced guidance along the way.

I invite you to get close, be curious, and explore your life. I will lend you my intuition, offer my visions, fill you in on what I’m noticing and be here as an ally as you journey.

We will work with these topics and use resonating healing techniques over this five-week journey:

  • Opening to your Presence.  This is the space of alchemy between you and Spirit.  It allows you to cultivate your healing space through a living relationship between body, soul, and Spirit.
  • Exploring the multi-dimensional language of Spirit through establishing a connection with a favorite peaceful place.
  • Inheriting the eyes of a benevolent Universe and expanding your Divine abilities.
  • Exploring your multi-dimensional existence and dancing with the Devic realm.
  • Actualizing a ritual for protection and strengthening Divine forces.  This is a very old ritual pre-dating the major religions and coming through the secret mystery teachings.

Our theme is: Exploring Presence. Presence is both a verb and a noun in this class. It is the action of creating a healing container and the space created for life-changing transformation.

This journey is not about the destination but about ascending and being transformed by the rich, illuminating  space of miracles, love, and all possibility.

Here are some helpful orientation details:

  • The journey groups are hosted on Zoom. The journeys will be recorded, but remember, the magic happens when we are together, and your participation is cherished.
  • We meet five times on November 7 - December 5 2023 at 2 pm – 4 pm (Eastern Time).
  • Handouts are provided to support your focus and provide easy steps for you to follow in your class healing circles. (These instructions can be used in your home practice anytime).
  • Weekly meditations will allow you to go deeper with the teachings and serve to deepen the energies after our meeting.
  • Writing or Meditation prompts continue to bring the teachings into your conscious awareness.
  • 15 hours of Continuing Education credits in Energy Medicine and Spiritual Development.
  • The price point for the journey is $350, which you may pay in full or in 2 payments of $175
  • Registration will be confirmed after being formally accepted into the program after application.

Questions?  Contact Amelia directly at